Community Highlights
Community Highlights
Especially for GIRLS Program - Anti-violence Project Cartwright
Funding Assistance: Violence Prevention Labrador

Volunteer Support:

  • CYN Fieldworker - Sherry Saunders
  • Parent - Janice Clark Holwell
  • Parent - Connie Davis
  • Parent - Priscella Clark
  • ER Literacy - Joanne Green/Coordinator
  • RCMP - Cpl. Wendy Martin

The Especially For Girls Program began in April 2007 in response to concerns about dating violence amongst our youth. The Especially for Girls program is module based and is broken down into weekly sessions with discussion topics on: self-esteem, healthy choices, gender power - dating violence, communication and conflict resolution, etc.

Project Participants in the Cartwright area are between the ages of 12 - 18 with activities designed to suit all ages. The age range is broad but it is felt that the topics of discussion could benefit the older girls as well as provide an opportunity for the older youth to mentor or big sister younger youth. Our program is all inclusive and we have a single mother who joins us when she can. To date we have hosted a "Smartie Party", Spa Night, Caribou Tufting and have held discussions on self-esteem, healthy choices, and conflict resolution. Our meetings are held in various locations with primary focus on usage of the school and facilities operated by the Community Youth Network. When determining locations, safety and having fun are a priority. Like all community projects, this would not be a success without parent volunteers, the support of the Community Youth Network, the Labrador School Board and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

The Especially for Girls Program will resume its activities again in September due to a late start date and scheduling conflicts.

Especially for G.I.R.L.S. (Girls Initiative Regarding Life Skills) is an 8 week program for girls ages 12-15 to learn and experience Leadership, to build self-esteem and to learn to make healthy life choices. This program has been developed by the Northern Committee Against Violence in St. Anthony NL.

Program sessions include educational pieces and activities that the girls choose. The program can be delivered by any group involved in youth programming and is easily delivered by any leader within the organization. Program resources are available, including slide shows and program information with step by step assistance for program delivery.
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