Labrador Stands Up!
Labrador Stands Up!
Media Release: Feb. 25, 2011

International Stand Up Day creates sea of pink in Labrador

There is a sea of pink across Labrador today. February 25th is International Stand Up Day and more than 5400 students and staff in schools across Labrador are wearing pink shirts to show their commitment to ending youth violence and working together to foster safe, respectful schools and communities.

Violence Prevention Labrador coordinated this event, sponsored by Nalcor Energy, and is supported by many community partners throughout Labrador including the Labrador School Board, Western Newfoundland District School Board, RNC, RCMP and all schools in Labrador.

"Violence is everyone's responsibility," says Carmen Hancock, Executive Director, Violence Prevention Labrador. "The goal of this campaign is to encourage youth to become a part of the solution to end youth violence, and to encourage commitment from adults to listen and act when youth come forward with concerns about bullying."

The campaign brings attention to the role of bystanders. When peers step in, bullying will often stop within 10 seconds. Doing nothing and remaining on the sidelines sends a message that violence is okay.

"Nalcor Energy is proud to partner with Violence Prevention Labrador to bring Stand Up Day to students and staff across Labrador," said Gilbert Bennett, Vice President, Nalcor Energy Lower Churchill Project. "One of our core values at Nalcor is respect and dignity, which to us means appreciating the individuality of others and showing support. It's very encouraging to be part of a larger community effort to promote respect and help put an end to violence."

More information on the pink shirt story can be found at To learn more about options that are available to victims, resources for service providers and learn what you can do to help end violence, visit Violence Prevention Labrador at
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