Below is a listing of related Programs and Training service providers may be interested in:

  • Violence Awareness & Action Training - A one day workshop aimed at improving services to victims by increasing sensitivity and awareness to the factors contributing to violence and its impact upon society.

  • Especially for GIRLS - Especially for G.I.R.L.S. (girls initiative regarding life skills) is an 8 week, weekly program for girls ages 12-15 to learn about Leadership, Build self-esteem and Learning to make healthy life choices. This program was developed by the Northern Committee Against Violence in St. Anthony NL.

  • Crisis Prevention Institute - CPI was established in 1980 for human service professionals to address the need for training in safe, respectful, noninvasive methods for managing disruptive and assaultive behavior that are compatible with staff's duty to provide the best possible care.
  • Wenlido - Wenlido is a self-defense class designed by women, for women and girls. 'Wen' is the contraction of the English word women, 'Li' means strength in Chinese, and 'Do' means the way or the method in most oriental languages. So Wenlido means 'the way of women's strength'. Our main goal for the Women's Empowerment Project is to help women empower themselves. This project builds self-esteem and self-confidence for women and young girls. We are providing information to women that may help them if ever they find themselves in a dangerous situation. Every move that is taught in Wenlido is a move that a woman used to get away from a real attack situation.

  • Regional Facilitators
    Andrea Keats

    Petrina Beals

  • Helping Skills - This training is designed to develop the capacity of people in communities to help and support others without professional training. People who find themselves to be natural helpers may wish to supplement their skills through this program.

  • Violence prevention programs of the Red Cross

  • Clarior Consulting - is an independent consulting company which offers workshops and other services relating to anti-bullying, life skills and anger management.
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