Stand Up Day 2015
Stand Up Day 2015
The Shirts
Violence Prevention Labrador is pleased to have Nalcor Energy as primary sponsor of the event. Supported also by sponsors/partners, Provincial Airlines, Nunatsiavut Government, Air Labrador, RCMP, RNC, NL English and French School Districts as well as Sheshatshiu and Natuashish Innu Schools.

2015 marks our 4th year for participating in a Labrador wide Bullying Prevention campaign, Stand Up Day. The Pink Shirt event began in 2007 when two teenagers in Nova Scotia found a non-confrontational way to Stand UP against bullying that was happening to a fellow student, simply because he wore a pink shirt to school. Those two teens, through a simple action of wearing a pink shirt and encouraging other students at their school to wear pink shirts, took action, stood up and spoke out against the bullying behavior of another student.
The Message
The theme for this years event is "Stand Up, Speak Out, Take Action". We know that in the majority of cases if someone intervenes within the first 10 seconds that bullying behavior stops. Bystanders are the key to eliminating the power that bullies can have. Sometimes, it's finding a way to intervene if it is safe to do so. Sometimes, it is taking concerns to an adult who will help. Sometimes, it is making a bold gesture, such as those two teens in Nova Scotia, that can make a difference.

Today, students will wear pink shirts symbolic of peer support and a commitment to stand up, speak out and take action against bullying attitudes and behavior. Staff will wear pink shirts symbolic of commitment to being role models and support creating safe and caring school environments. All of which can be achieved by Standing Up, Speaking Out and Taking Action.
The Activities
Schools all over the region participated by planning activities and events to bring awareness to the impacts of Bullying, and the power of the bystander. Many participated in our White Board Social Media campaign like the students in this picture. Visit our Facebook page, click the icon on top of page!
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