Links of Interest
Links of Interest
The links below provide you with additional information on Violence related topics. Please see also, our Resources for Victims section, which has links of interest for Women, Youth, Older Adults, Persons with Disabilities, Men.
General Links
  • The Human Services Alberta The Family Violence Prevention and Homeless Supports Division of Alberta Human Services has developed a variety of publications and resources on family violence and bullying. Order free of charge or print the publications from your computer in black and white or colour.

  • The World Health Organization.This website provides an evidence-based resource for policy makers, practitioners, and others working to prevent violence. It includes a searchable data base of abstracts from published studies that measure the effectiveness of interventions to prevent child abuse, elder abuse, intimate partner violence, sexual violence and youth violence; key publications and resources on violence and its prevention; news and updates from the field of violence prevention; and links to relevant organizations.

  • The Provincial Violence Prevention Initiative is a great resource that houses provincial information, links, and facts on violence.

  • The NL Sexual Assault Crisis & Prevention Centre is a non-profit organization that exists to provide support and essential services to anyone impacted by sexual violence.

  • Public Legal Information Association of NL (PLIAN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating Newfoundlanders and Labradorians about the law. PLIAN provides public legal education and information services with the intent of increasing access to justice.

  • The Family Violence Protection Act is law in Newfoundland and Labrador. This law
    provides for new justice system responses in the form of Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs) to help adult victims of family violence and their children in emergency situations.

  • The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador Programs and Services for Individuals and Families Guidebook - an initiative of the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

    The Provincial Government offers a variety of programs and services for residents. The Guidebook is a convenient and easy way to find the information a person or family may need to access these programs and services.

  • For more than two decades, the Family Violence Prevention Fund (FVPF) has worked to end violence against women and children around the world.
  • National Clearing House on Violence Prevention
    On behalf of the Government of Canada and its Family Violence Initiative (FVI), the Public Health Agency of Canada operates the National Clearinghouse on Family Violence (NCFV). The NCFV is Canada's resource centre for information on violence within relationships of kinship, intimacy, dependency or trust.

  • Shelternet connects abused women to shelters This website was created to provide reliable and up-to-date information for abused women, their family, friends, and colleagues in Canada. Please browse the website or take a look through our special sections on topics such as understanding abuse, find a shelter, or abuse and children.

  • Neighbours Friends and Families is a campaign to raise awareness of the signs of woman abuse so people who are close to an at-risk woman or an abusive man can help.

  • Native Women's Association Of Canada has an online tool kit which is aimed at raising awareness about violence and violence prevention issues among Aboriginal youth with special concern for issues affecting youth Aboriginal women.
  • Commit to Kids is a program to help organizations create safe environments for children. It provides policies, strategies, and a step-by-step plan for reducing the risk of child sexual abuse, encouraging organizations to take an active, participatory role in protecting children in their care.

  • The Door Thats Not Locked... to help keep kids safe while exploring and enjoying The Door that's not Locked. This website has been created to provide you with a one-stop-shop on all things related to Internet safety.

  • Protect Children The Canadian Centre for Child Protection is a registered charitable organization dedicated to the personal safety of all children. Our goal is to reduce child victimization by providing programs and services to the Canadian public.

  • Prevnet. A research based network to stop bullying in Canada.

  • Think B 4 You Speak. A campaign to encourage awareness about the use of labels and their impacts.

  • be free... an extension of Alberta Health website.

  • I AM SAFE organization provides anti bulling awareness and safer schools programs, training opportunities for students and those working with children and youth and a complementary newsletter distributed to over 3,000 subscribers around the world.

  • The office of the Child and Youth Advocate is an independent office of the House of Assembly of Newfoundland and Labrador. This office has the authority to represent the rights, interests and viewpoints of children and youth who are entitled to receive services and access programs provided by the government of this province.

    School curriculum resources. Seattle Schools resources. on Cyberbullying.

    Bully Beware is an excellent source of resources for parents, schools and community groups.

    Stop Bullying Now has webisodes, games, and resources for children. Resources for Adults section also included.

  • Choose Respect is an initiative to help adolescents form healthy relationships to prevent dating abuse before it starts. This national effort is designed to motivate adolescents to challenge harmful beliefs about dating abuse and take steps to form respectful relationships.

  • ReAct. Respect in Action: Youth Preventing Violence (ReAct) is METRAC's unique peer education program. It's made of dynamic, diverse, and skilled youth who facilitate interactive, peer-to-peer workshops, trainings, and speaking engagements on violence against women and youth. We raise awareness, foster discussion, and introduce existing community resources to challenge diverse youth and inspire them to prevent violence in their lives.

  • Ways to Get Involved in Bullying Prevention -- Ideas for Adults and Youth
Older Adults
  • The Seniors Resource Centre is a non-profit, charitable, voluntary organization administered by a Board of Directors. As an association, it is dedicated to promoting the independence and well being of older adults in Newfoundland and Labrador through the provision of information as well as various programs and services.

  • Public Health Canada has a great page on International day of Older Adults, with activity planning suggestions.
Persons With Disabilities
  • DAWN-RAFH Canada is a national organization controlled by and comprised of women who self-identify as Women with disAbilities. We are from all backgrounds and all disAbilities. We are a feminist organization working to achieve control over our lives and end the stereotype that labels us dependent burdens on society. Our Network began in 1985. Our Society Status was received in 1992.
Men and Boys
  • Learn more about involving Men in Ending Violence Against Women.
    Minnesota Mens Action Network

  • houses a comprehensive tool kit designed to help you work with men and boys to prevent gender-based violence. It provides readings, case studies, handouts, exercises, and other resources as well as community-building tools. We suggest following the Recommended Work Plan to fully explore these extensive materials, but you are free to go directly to the sections that address your priorities.
LGBTQ Resources
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