Creating Safe Spaces Training
Creating Safe Spaces Training
February 22-23, 2012 in Happy Valley Goose Bay
During these two training sessions, we will focus on the important elements which contribute to creating safe and welcoming environments for lesbian, gay and bisexual (lgb) individuals, couples and families in schools, health and social service agencies, community organizations, and other relevant settings.

In the last twenty years major advances have been made in various fields such as sociology, psychology and human rights legislation and the law, that have permitted Canadians to develop a new understanding of the place of sexual minorities in our communities. These developments have created a need for professionals to update their knowledge base, develop new intervention tools, assess and modify some of their policies and practices and examine their attitudes.

Through the use of interactive teaching methods and hands- on exercises, each of these days will provide participants with the necessary tools to move forward in meeting these objectives.

Cost of Training: $100
Free Registration to Non-Profit/ NGO

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