VPL Actions
VPL Actions
Public Education, Training and Outreach
VPL supports public and professional awareness and Educational Activities throughout the region. Through various capacity building activities we strive to impact on grass roots public awareness regarding the root causes of violence.

We offer a series of resources including a current and updated online resource tool, our website. Housed here are Resources for Victims of Violence, which include information on domestic violence, youth violence, elder abuse, and persons with disabilities. Within these pages there are specific links to programs and services as well as crisis contact and referral information. Our Resources for Service Providers pages house resources, links, and publications for frontline community based groups to access for project development, information referral, program coordination or presentation preparation.

VPL has coordinated and partnered in numerous conferences, workshops, and training programs across the region and in the province. One of our goals is to build capacity with frontline, grass roots service providers throughout Labrador to enhance services to victims, families and communities. Building understanding of the complex issues that foster and contribute to violence as well as creating opportunities for networking, sharing resources and building partnerships.

The Violence Awareness and Action Training (VAAT) is a certificate training program offered to local communities to assist participants in the self-examination of attitudes, values, and beliefs that support violence in our society. The VAAT training is coordinated in Labrador by Violence Prevention Labrador and provincially by the Newfoundland and Labrador Violence Prevention Initiative.

Each year we participate in and support local, provincial, national and international Annual Events, Campaigns and community public awareness activities. Through our Outreach funds, we support activities that promote attitudinal change in communities and build capacity to end violence.
Information and Referral
VPL is a network of service providers, stakeholders and community partners throughout Labrador. Our office provides referral and information services to community partners, government agencies and citizens in many capacities.

We are available to support development of grass roots initiatives, connect individuals to agencies and service providers to the resources they need to build awareness, better services to victims and access key organizations and resources throughout the region and the province.
Community Leadership, Coordination and Accountability
As a Coalition of service providers, Government departments and key stakholders throughout Labrador, our mandate includes opportunities for networking, sharing resources, and brining a regional voice to government through our role on the Community Advisory Committee.

We offer opportunities for service providers throughout the region to come together to share information and build knowledge around the issues facing victims of violence in our region.
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