Schools Across Labrador "Stand Up" Against Youth Violence
Schools Across Labrador "Stand Up" Against Youth Violence
Stand Up Day 2013
5500 Pink Shirts were worn in Labrador on Feb. 27th/2013, symbolizing a collective message, "Stand Up… Make a Change".

Violence Prevention Labrador, Nalcor, Labrador and Western District School Boards, RCMP and RNC thank all schools in Labrador for participating in Stand Up Day initiatives and making the commitment to Stand Up.

International STAND UP to Bullying Day is a special event in which people across the world join together in wearing a pink shirt to:

· Send a loud, non-confrontational message of resistance to bullies
· Identify themselves to victims as a source of support willing to help
· Draw attention to the effects of bullying, and stimulate passive bystanders into action.

We are Congratulating Samantha Broomfield of Queen of Piece Middle School is the winner of the slogan contest open to all schools in Labrador from the fall of 2012.

"Stand Up… Make a Change" was Samantha's slogan and chosen for its key messaging.

"Stand Up" is a call to action which is symbolic of the Pink Shirt Campaign message to bystanders, meaning all students, staff, and the community at large have a responsibility to Stand Up and play a role in ending youth violence. We know that if bystanders intervene within the first 10 seconds, the bullying stops most of the time.

"Make a Change" fits with the Pink Shirt Story and key messages behind the campaign as well. We recognize that if we are going to end youth violence, we need to make a change. Encouraging attitudes and behaviors that foster equality and respect of self and others is a goal we hope to achieve by encouraging youth and adults to stand up in appropriate, non confrontational ways to send a message that everyone deserves respect and dignity at every age.

"Violence is fostered by deeply rooted attitudes and behaviors that exist in individual relationships, families, institutions and communities. If we are going to end violence, we have to recognize the part we each play." says Carmen Hancock, Executive Director with Violence Prevention Labrador.

It is vital for communities, service providers, support organizations, schools and agencies to continue to work together to overcome the problem of violence, improve services for victims of violence and provide education for our communities on the aspects of violence and violence prevention.

In an effort to curb some of these attitudes and build awareness about individual responsibilities to end violence, Violence Prevention Labrador partnered with Nalcor Energy to provide pink shirts to every student and staff in every school in Labrador to wear on Feb. 27th, International Stand Up Day. The event is being supported by many partners including the RCMP, RNC, Labrador and Western District Schools in Labrador, Innu Mashau and Sheshatshiu schools, as well as Francaphone schools and Nunatsiavut Government.

The purpose of the shirt campaign is to address not only the injustice felt by far to many victims of youth violence, but more importantly to build awareness to all students, staff, parents, and the community at large, that everyone has a responsibility to Stand Up and take action to stop it.

Society as a whole is impacted by bullying -- even the bullies themselves. Through their own actions and the inaction of others, bullies learn that antisocial behaviour and exerting control over others (whether verbal, physical, social, via email, etc.) is acceptable and that it works. Everyone has a role to play in making our communities, homes and schools hopeful and happy places to be.

More information on the pink shirt story can be found at To learn more about options that are available to victims, resources for service providers and learn what you can do to help end violence, visit Violence Prevention Labrador at
Media Coverage
Pink Shirt Day 1 (CBC Podcast, MP3)

There's a whole lotta pink being worn at schools across the country today. It's Pink Shirt Day. And students in Labrador are joining in to send an important message about anti-bullying. This morning, we have two high school students in Happy Valley-Goose Bay to tell us more about it. Liam Smitheram is President of the Student Council at Mealy Mountain Collegiate. Kayla Chubbs is the student Council Vice President. They're both in our Happy Valley-Goose Bay studio .

Pink Shirt Day 2 (CBC Podcast, MP3)

On Wednesday, it was a sea of pink in the gym at Queen of Peace of Middle School in Happy Valley-Goose Bay. An assembly was held for Pink Shirt Day. Thirty-four percent of grade 6 and 7 students admit to being bullied over the last months at the school. But the goal is to reduce that to zero. Students watched videos and presentations about bullying, as well as listened to a speech by fellow student Abigail Blackmore. Labrador Morning's John Gaudi dropped by to find out more.

Visit link of VOCM for Stand Up Day coverage on the VOCM Photo Page.

Partner Nalcor Energy highlights our event in Nalcor Newswire.
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