Photovoices Project
Photovoices Project
April 10th to the 16th is National Victims of Crime Awareness Week. To commemorate the week, VPL is pleased to share the Newsletter linked below.

The Photovoices project vision is; through first hand accounts, to build awareness of the challenges and experiences faced by victims (including individual, community and service provider responses) and highlight the services that exist in our region to support them. We believe "voices of experience" are key to reaching the public, for increased community action and potential victims still living with violence to seek help.

The enclosed Stories are written by victims about their experiences, not only of their victimization, but with individuals, the community, and service providers following their experience and how their needs were or were not met. The idea is to raise awareness of personal and community responsibilities and reinforce service provider responsibilities, as well as instilling empathy for victims and the challenges they face.

This project is made possible by funding from the Department of Justice Canada's Victims Fund. Sincere Thanks are extended to the participants who shared their experiences in hopes of making a difference for the future. Thanks also to Jacinda Beals for coordinating the story/photo collection for this project and Smart Labrador for Design of the Newsletter.

Photovoices Newsletter-English

Photovoices Newsletter-Inutitut

Photovoices Project-Sheshatshiu Innu
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