Engaging Communities
Engaging Communities
Engaging Communities
Violence Prevention Labrador is wanting to hear from YOU!

We are in the process of restructuring the organization to reflect the needs and interests of the people in Labrador. We know that violence in Labrador impacts everyone, we see it on a daily basis. We invite you to have your say by completing the attached survey (link below). Your input would help VPL organize priorities, set a focus for the coming year and hopefully create positive change that will be reflected in all communities across Labrador.

We also invite you to contact our ED directly if you would like to have more involvement in the day to day activities of VPL by being a member of the Violence Prevention Labrador Coalition. Contact Petrina, 899-3231 or

Thank you for your time and your input. Please feel free to share with others in your community. We understand the diversity in Labrador and value all input. We will leave the survey open to the end of September.
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