Contact Information
Contact Information
Conference Information
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Our Conference Coordinating team at the Labrador North Chamber of Commerce can assist with any logistical questions regarding the Conference, Travel or Registration.

Sean Handregan
Event Coordinator
Labrador North Chamber of Commerce
Tel: (709) 896-8033
Fax: (709-896-8039
Conference Planning Team
Kelly Janes
Health Promotion and Wellness Coordinator
LG Health/ Labrador Wellness Coalition
Phone: 709-897-3110

Carmen Hancock
Executive Director
Violence Prevention Labrador
Phone: 709-931-2600

Lisa Densmore
Regional Planner
Rural Secretariat
Phone: 709-896-7979

Sondra Cabot
Primary Health Care Facilitator
LG Health
Phone: 709-896-6644
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