About Violence Prevention Labrador
About Violence Prevention Labrador
Strategic Priorities
Our organization's role in Labrador is to carry out the priorities outlined by the Violence Prevention Initiatives 6 year Strategic Plan, at the Regional level.

The VPI Action Plan outlines six strategic priorities:

  • Increasing awareness and attitudinal change.
  • Increasing community participation.
  • Improving legislation, policy, programs, services, information and facilities.
  • Supporting Aboriginal women and children.
  • Enhancing research and development.
  • Improving leadership, coordination and accountability.

Visit the Provincial website to see more information on the Violence Prevention Initiative
Identified Objectives
  • To establish a communication network among organizations that provide advocacy, service and education on issues of violence.
  • To involve individuals, organizations and communities throughout all regions of Labrador.
  • To gather and share information through networking, and to get an understanding of what communities are doing or have done to overcome the problem of violence.
  • To identify and rectify, gaps in services from within VPL and as well, communities throughout Labrador.
  • To identify resources within our organization and in communities which can be used to improve our response to the problem of violence.
  • To encourage public awareness of the problem of violence.
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