Labrador Wide Respect Campaign Launched during the 30th Anniversary of Labrador Winter Games 2013!
Labrador Wide Respect Campaign Launched during the 30th Anniversary of Labrador Winter Games 2013!
Violence is rooted in inequality and is most commonly understood as physical acts of aggression. However, we understand violence to come in many other forms such as psychological, emotional, sexual, spiritual, cultural, verbal, and also neglect. Our society often perpetuates violence through things like the media, glorifying not only physical violence, but also sexist, racist, and homophobic attitudes.

Ending violence in all its forms is the responsibility of every individual, in family, community, province and beyond. If we can eliminate inequality through fostering attitudes of Respect, each of us will help to eliminate the attitudes and stereotypes that lead to groups of people being undervalued in our society and therefore more vulnerable to violence.

It is through sport that we can make significant positive impacts on those around us. It is fact that positive involvement in sport improves physical and mental health and well being, improves self worth and self esteem, and has positive impacts on home, school and work life. We have opportunities as athletes, team members, coaches, officials and event planners to Role Model Respect, Expect Respect, and Reward Respect to insure all athletes experience all of the positive outcomes involvement in sport has to offer.

During the Labrador Winter Games, Violence Prevention Labrador provided give away(s) to help remind us all to respect ourselves, our fellow athletes, volunteers, and the sports in which we are involved.

Components of the Campaign are highlighted below. The project was made possible by support from Southern Labrador Strait of Belle Isle Community Youth Network, Labrador Regional Wellness Coalition, Dept of Justice Victim Services and Nunatsiavut Government.

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Volunteer Contribution
The Respect Buff
Athletes received Buffs for the Games, the purple Respect Buffs were seen and proudly worn by athletes and others who participated in our Video project to be released this year.
Tim Hortons Contributes to Libra House!
To support the Campaign, Tim Hortons HVGB made a Purple Donut with proceeds going to Libra House, Shelter for Women and Children fleeing violence in Labrador.
Glow in the Dark Purple Respect Armbands!
The Purple armbands were a hit with all athletes and given away at events throughout the week!
Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign
All barracks of the 350 athletes were adorned with posters and awareness materials from our Yes Means Yes! Youth Sexual Violence Prevention Campaign.
The "Difference Maker"
Athletes across the Region submitted to the Difference Maker piece for the daily Labrador Winter Games paper.

A Difference Maker is an individual who has positively impacted an athletes life (in any aspect of their lives), Role modeled respect of self, others, or in general made a difference in an athletes life which encouraged self respect, respect of others, positive team play, positive self esteem, work ethic, self discipline, leadership, etc. Some examples may be a parent, friend, coach, teacher, family member, community leader, elder, etc.
Respect Women
All week long the purple car was seen around town, at events and proved to be a hit. With signs "want one? Take one:-)" in the window people freely took magnets and put them on their vehicles. Friday during the games was International Womens Day. Tim Hortons gave away magnets at their drive thru window and VPL distributed lapel pins and magnets at some of the events and the international womens day luncheon.
Media Coverage
Respect Campaign - Labrador Winter Games (CBC Podcast, MP3)

You can't miss the purple theme during this year's Labrador Winter Games. But, It's not for a particular team or community. The purple bandanas and purple donuts represent the Respect Campaign. The week long event promotes respect and appreciation for athletes and spectators. Carmen Hancock is fronting the Respect Campaign. She's the Executive Director of Violence Prevention Labrador. CBC's Colleen Connors met up with Carmen at the cross country ski event to learn more about the Respect Campaign.

CBC Television Highlighted the campaign on evening news on March 7th, 2013 Labrador Winter Games Coverage.
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