Yes Means Yes!
Yes Means Yes!
Our Project and Partners
Sexualized violence is a reality in the lives of too many teens. We want to create a world where sexualized violence doesn't happen. We want to create a world based on respect.

Project Respect is a group of youth and adults in BC who work together to prevent sexualized violence and promote respect as the organizing principle of all relationships. They strive to create awareness of the issue of sexualized violence beginning with encouraging critical thinking about its root causes - gender stereotypes, power imbalances, and miscommunication.

Violence Prevention Labrador and the Regional Coordinating Committees across the province, and NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Center do lots of stuff in our communities to raise awareness and promote everyone's right to a sexuality without violence. We have adopted the Yes Means Yes campaign to raise awareness of youth and sexualized violence in our region focus in on prevention of sexual violence including the legalities around consent, as well as what it means to respect women, themselves and eachother.

We invite you to check out the original Project Respect website at website. Here you'll find information about Project Respect and the programs offered as well as information about sexualized violence geared to youth ages 14 and up. You will find statistics, definitions, resources, action guides, and much more to help you educate yourself and join the respect revolution!

We also have links for youth and their friends or family who are looking for support and healing after surviving an assault. We encourage adults to browse this site and talk to youth in their lives about the issues here.
Funding for this project was provided by Labrador Grenfell Health through the Mental Health Grant program.

This project was made possible by support from the following partners:

Nunatsiavut Government
Labrador Friendship Center
Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation
Mokami Status of Women
Kirkina House
Hope Haven
RCC partners in Burin and Central east
NL Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Center
Labrador District School Board
Western District School Board
Burin Peninsula Committee Against Violence
The Roads to End Violence
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